Quality Policy

«ΥLI – MANAGEMENT AND PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT» is a certified company according to ISO 9001:2008 in the areas of: Environmental Protection and Management Project and Environmental Consultancy.

The quality policy of the company is defined by the Administration, which is responsible for its application in every aspect of the company, as well as for the use by the staff of the following guidelines:

  • Strict compliance to the laws.
  • High quality goods and services by:

1. Performing strictly what was agreed with the client.
2. Collaborating with certified and recognizable providers.
3. Evaluating the staff’s performance.
4. Encouraging a pleasant working environment.

  • Providing all the necessary resources and media by:
  1. Using the most recent technological equipment.
  2. Gaining continuous information, training and sensitivity of the staff.
  • Checking all the procedures for the insurance of continuous improvement of the Quality Control System.

Non-stop target of our company is to have completely satisfied clients and enlarge our in Greece.

Our company wants to fulfill specific objective targets, which are countable and achievable. Our goals and quality targets are evaluated annually as far as the efficiency is concerned and they are reconditioned if necessary. The present Quality Policy is available to anyone interested from our website www.forest.gr

Ilias Apostolidis
General Administrator