Environmental Consultant

Environmental Compliance

It is the incorporated one in the function of the company, of an Environmental Management System.

This system is a sum of connected elements and actions, that function together, in order to achieve effective environmental management.

Corporate Environmental Policy

It is the part of the Environmental Policy related to the administration and the employees of a company.

  • Reduce the quantity of raw materials used to produce a certain amount of product.
  • Reduce the quantity of waste created by the production of a certain amount of product.
  • Encourage environmental friendly, innovative products and fabrication procedures.
  • Measure and report the results of the above efforts.

This policy is enhancing the employees’ self esteem, as they are feeling that they are functioning in a healthy, responsible and socially beneficial company.

Goals of the Corporate Social Responsibility actions

The environment is receiving great pressure from the financial development. The actions in it are aiming to:

  • Protect the natural elements or ecosystems from unwanted uses or interventions.
  • Promote certain landscapes of interest, elements or ecosystems with unique value.
  • Rebound certain disrupted ecosystems to their natural condition and evolution.
  • Elaborate and apply Environmental Education Projects.
  • Manage the important ecosystems with sustainable criteria and monitor the significant species of flora and fauna.
  • Provide recreational facilities to the nature’s visitors and visual instruments for better approach.

Action Promotion Policy and Reporting

The promotion of the environmental action of the company is a complicated procedure that has to do with:

  • The moment that it is promoted.
  • The content of the action.
  • The direct receivers of the action and its direct and indirect consequences.
  • The innovation that it presents.
  • The duration for which it provides positive results to the society and consist an advertisement for the company.
  • The elaboration of social reports according to the international standards (G.R.I.)

The structure of the promotion should give the maximum results within the conditions that is performed. Sometimes, the goal is not the gain of interest, but the mitigation of the damage.